The Hang Glider & The Parachute

A few weeks ago I taught The Hang Glider as part of my Summer Solstice class and it was fun- and challenging! This is a totally made up pose consisting of Warrior 3 and Cobra. To be clear- I’ve never hang glideded, nor do I intend to, so this is

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As I am sitting here writing this, I am keeping 1 eye on the hummingbird feeder. I have yet to see a hummingbird this spring, although my husband claims they have been at the feeder. “Where are they?” “Why haven’t I seen them?” I want to be patient, but I

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Eaglet! Yoga Sequence

This 5 part yoga sequence is a fun way to build strength for Bakasana or Crow Pose. The sequence is designed to strengthen your hip flexors and core, build arm strength and open the back of your shoulders. The poses could be done 1 right after each other, or built

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Core Strength for Warrior 3

2 of the biggest challenges with Warrior 3 is leveling the hips, and creating a long, neutral spine vs a spine in extension (backbend). Try this quick tip using a version of Supta Padangusthasana to create strength and connection through the core. This will also blueprint the hips to be

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Relating Plank Pose to Sirsasana 2

When teaching (or learning) challenging poses, it is important to recognize and relate the shape of the challenging pose to a similar, easier pose. Look at the actions of the arms, legs and trunk. Even if you aren’t familiar with the anatomical actions of the pose, look at how the

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Sequence for Grasshopper Pose

Mar 05 Recently I wrote a blog entry for Yoga on High. Enjoy! This is a fun and challenging sequence to prepare you for Grasshopper arm balance. This arm balance requires a deep twist in the core, open hips, a solid Chatturanga and a sense of humor! Warm up with

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