Shoulder Circles

Warming up the shoulders doesn’t have to be complicated! Here I’m sharing a favorite warm up that I’ve been teaching a lot. 🙂

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The Great Pause

The Great Pause A client and friend called our current events The Great Pause. I had not heard that before, but was really inspired by the concept. A time to pause. To consider. To reflect. Pause before judgement. Pause before acting. To return back to basics. What is essential in

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The Turntable and The Breakdancer

The Turntable and the Breakdancer are 2 really fun and creative sequences to warm up the core, shoulders and hips! The Turntable is really a full- body warm up that includes a twist and moving up and down from the floor. The version of the Breakdancer I show is very

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Chai Tea Crinkle Cookies

These are fabulous, easy cookies to make! The spices really make the difference and the cookies have all of the flavors of Chai tea in a sweet- but not too sweet- cookie. All credits go to the original author: Anjana Devasahayam from Enjoy! Ingredients: Milk – ¼ cup Loose

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Moving into Chaturanga

The following video shows and explains the transition into Chaturanga from Plank pose. There are many important cues when it comes to practicing Chaturanga: Protract the shoulders, draw shoulders down away from the ears, externally rotate the arms, squeeze elbows in. On additional key concept here is that you need

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Malasana to Standing Big Toe Pose

This is a fun and challenging sequence from Bound Malasana to Standing Big Toe Pose (SBTP) with a half bind! I hope you’ll use this sequence as inspiration to play with it, modify it, and add on to it to make it your own. There are so many variations that

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